Dinner for Eight

What is Dinner for Eight?
When you sign up, we place you in a group of eight adults.  You eat dinner together once a month (or more if your group desires) for three months:  June, July, and August.  Get to know new friends, share stories, and have fun!  

When will the groups meet?
Your team leader will  contact you and help your group schedule your first group meal for the month of June!

How will the groups be formed?
The whole point of DF8 is to connect us more intentionally as a church family across generations, socio-economic statuses, race, marital status, etc… The DF8 team will be intentional about creating diverse groups while at the same time trying to place you with at least one person or couple you already know.

How do I sign up?
 CLICK HERE! You can also sign up in the Commons at FBCOKC or email bradstewart@fbcokc.org.

I have young children. Will the church be providing childcare?
All of the DF8 groups will be meeting at different times and locations, so FBCOKC will not be able to provide childcare. BUT if you can arrange your own childcare, the church is happy to reimburse at least a portion of your childcare expenses. We know it’s hard for young families to participate in events like this, so we’re willing to work with you!