Who We Are

We are a group of young adults ranging from 18 years of age through thirties.  We have a college ministry (18-25), young adult ministry (25-35), and a youngish adult ministry (35-45).  We are single, married, and everything in between.  We meet together and wrestle with the hard questions in life and hard theological questions.  It is safe to come to our group with all that you are.  Bring your faith, your doubt, and your questions and we will struggle to find answers together.  All are welcome with us.  We are eager to learn more about Christ and to talk about who we need to be in Christ. 

What We Do

We love to meet together, eat together, worship together and serve our church and our community together.  We believe that God is always at work around us and we want to join in.

We meet on the third floor of the church on Sunday mornings for Bible Study. Join us at 9:15 for breakfast and coffee as we visit altogether. At 9:30 we begin our discussion led Bible Studies in separate rooms. You will be warmly welcomed.

On Sunday nights we gather together in small groups and enjoy a meal together.  Our gatherings are a great time to get to know the group better and to share life together.  We are blessed to have each other.  This group of young adults shows up for each other.  We are there when life is wonderful and we celebrate together.  And we show up when life falls apart.  We help each other move and help each other find new jobs.  We serve our church and our community.  Young adults serve on nearly every committee in our church.  We are valued by the larger church family. 

We long to be people who are Kingdom Builders. 

We always welcome new friends. 


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