Find the Church

1201 N Robinson Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73103

405.232.4255  |



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From the North

There are two entrances on the north side. One is under the portico and is a great entrance for those that need an elevator. Enter the glass door and take the elevator to the first floor. You'll exit the elevator and turn right through the children's area to reach the sanctuary.


Alternate North Entrance

Enter the doors directly behind the playground and go straight ahead through the second set of doors and up the stairs. The sanctuary will be down the hallway and on your left, through the large open area called The Commons.



From the East

Enter off Robinson by walking up either of the large staircases situated at Robinson and NW 11th. You will enter directly into the vestibule of the sanctuary.


From the South

Park in the lot on the south side of 11th street, just across from the church. Enter at the double doors under the green awning. There is an elevator just inside the doors to your left, or stairs to your right, to get you to the first floor. Once you are on the first floor, you will see a large, open room called The Commons. This is the entry to our sanctuary. SPECIAL NOTE: These doors open to the front of the sanctuary. If you are uncomfortable entering at the front of the room, please follow directions to enter from the east side.