We believe music is a vital link between our hearts and God’s heart. We lift our lives and voices in praise as a response to His great love for us. He speaks to us and challenges us through the music we sing and hear.
Our worship services are probably different from what you’ve experienced in other places. All the elements – congregational worship, scripture reading, pastoral message, and choir offering – combine and move us together toward a common theme. Each week is different from the last. Our goal in a service is for the Spirit to speak to each heart so that we are moved to worship and serve God fully.

The music at FBCOKC embraces the best traditions of our past as well as the contemporary of today. To us, style is not as important as content. Whether we are singing a hymn that we grew up with or a new chorus written in recent days, it is the desire of our ministry that you will have a vital encounter with God through worship each time you join us.

Please worship with us soon or contact us to talk more about how God is speaking through music at First Baptist, Oklahoma City.

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH  1201 N. ROBINSON OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73103 405.232.4255 info@fbcokc.org