Sharing Christ's love with the world

The mission strategy of FBCOKC is built on authentic relationships
Missions Strategy  
Over the past five years, God has brought a unique blend of local and global relationships and mission opportunities to the church family at First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City. When these relationships and opportunities are set against the gifts, skills and calling of the congregation, four areas of strategic focus have emerged: the poor; the persecuted; the unchurched; and the unreached.

The Poor: Both the Old and New Testaments are rich with direction for God's people to be an agent of care for the poor. For over forty years, Good Shepherd Ministries has helped to lead the church's awareness of those living on the economic margins of our city. More recently, the church has claimed a priority in impacting a community profoundly impacted by poverty that sits within the shadows of the church's towers. Our work among the children from that neighborhood through Kid's Hope has touched our hearts and opened our eyes to the deep needs of this community. Our work through Good Shepherd and Mobile Meals has made us aware of the unique needs of the poor who are elderly and those who are physically challenged. Globally, we have witnessed firsthand street children who are forced to live in sewers; families battling malaria for the lack of resources like bed nets; and families struggling for survival in the Rio Grande Valley, home of some of the poorest counties in the United States.

The Persecuted: Both New Testament passages and documented history make it clear that the early church faced severe persecution for their faith. Across the globe, the Church continues to face the same kind of persecution and our relationship with the Chin, Zomi, Karen, Kachin, and the Sudanese has brought this reality into the life of the church. These relationships have invited the church to claim a focus on refugees from Burma and the Christian community from the Sudan. We are committed to work beside these fellow believers in our city, in nations of transit and in nations of origin. As we minister to persecuted peoples, we will not forget that not all the persecuted are Christians.

The Unchurched: FBCOKC has a powerful history in church planting in the metro, the state, and the broader US context. The percent of the unchurched continues to grow in the United States and the need for new church models is clear. In the past five years, the church has reclaimed church planting as a priority. Recently the church has been involved with the birth and development of new congregations reaching across a diversity of social and ethnic contexts.

The Unreached: The heart of the Great Commission is a call to share the Gospel with those who have not heard of Jesus. The percentage of the world population that has little or no access to the gospel continues to grow. Our church is committed to investing time and resources in the work among the unreached. Our current relationships invite us into partnership in SE Asia and with refugees from unreached people groups in our community and the leading cities of Canada.
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