Student trip to Glorieta

Student prayer retreat

Church Ministries  
First Baptist Church has a wide variety of ministries to meet the ever-changing and growing needs of our church and community. Some of our more popular ministries are linked here so that you can get further information.

Bible Study
An essential part of every believer's faith journey is Bible study. We have many options. Click below to find out more.
Bible Study

Age Group Ministries
Preschool and Children's ministries are essential to any church. We know that you care about your children, what they learn, their safety and you want them to have fun! Come see what is happening at First Baptist for our youngest members!
High school students are growing and maturing in all areas of life, including their faith. We have a vital and active student ministry. Find out more by clicking here.
Once you graduate high school, what happens next? What does God have in store for your life? Join a growing group of people who are working to discover answers to these questions.
College and Young Adult
Adults have many interests including ministry, recreation, Bible study, and fellowship. Click here for a small sampling of the ministries we have for adults.
Senior adults have an active social calendar at First Baptist Church! Not only that, but they are involved in most areas of church ministry. Check here to see how you can be involved!

Worship/Creative Arts
Worship and the arts draw us closer to God and to each other. We have a wide variety of opportunities for all ages!
Worship/Creative Arts

Other Ministries
CareForOKC has been First Baptist's ministry to the working poor of OKC for many years. We offer food, clothing, and furniture to the working poor of OKC. Visit us Monday evenings at 4:30pm or call for information.

Small Groups are the heart of any church. Through Bible study, friendship, and fellowship we grow in faith and fellowship. There is a group for you here at FBC.
Small Group Ministry
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