First Baptist Church of OKC

First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City
A Heart For Midtown  
It seems that you can hardly go down a street in Downtown and Midtown without seeing the signs of residential construction. Thousands are coming to live within a five minute drive of our front door. The promise of urban growth is now being realized. It seems that Downtown and Midtown can now claim the mantle of the “new suburb” with the scale of their housing construction and population growth. Along with the residential development, new restaurants and entertainment venues are popping up everywhere throughout Downtown and Midtown. The renovation and development of Bricktown has drawn the attention of city planners across the nation. It seems that at least once a week the Business section of the newspaper carries the announcement of another new venue coming our way. Our community is growing and changing. In the days ahead there will be more homes, restaurants, and retail in Downtown and Midtown than ever in the city’s history. We stand on the threshold of what will be Oklahoma City’s golden era.

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