Children at First Baptist Church

Kids are loved at FBCOKC!
Children are a valued and important part of life at First Baptist Church. Our staff and volunteers are excited to work with these young people as they discover God and learn about faith. Bible study for children is geared to their learning levels with music, games, and songs that give substance to tough questions kids have about God and how He works in their lives. We also have plenty of fun events that give kids time to socialize and invite friends in to spend time together.

Bible Study for children starts at 9:15am on Sunday mornings. Our children are divided into age-graded classes to study. Our curriculum is Faith Weaver and it will take children through the entire Bible in three years. During class, kids might play games, make a craft, pray or express what they know and are learning about God in a myriad of creative ways. Because our church embraces so many ethnic congregations, our children have the opportunity with kids from around the world. Our worship and learning about God is deepenend and enhanced greatly by this and we are grateful.

During worship, children first grade and older sit with their parents. Kids have special worship bulletins that not only keep them busy but also help them to understand the morning sermon. As they participate in worship, children become curious and seek to understand more about the faith they see lived out around them.

Family is essential to each child's spiritual development. At FBCOKC, we work hard to balance children's activities with family friendly activities. After children's WOW! classes on Wednesday nights, families gather in the gym to visit, skate, and relax together. Each month we plan either a kid-friendly event, such as Kids Night Out, or a family-friendly event such as a visit to a pizza place. We want to help your family grow in love for each other and for God

Parents are concerned about safety and rightly so. We are too! All our volunteers are carefully selected and screened. Children can count on always having at least two adults present with them while they are at First Baptist Church. Continuous safety and hygiene training and routine screening help us to be the best we can be!

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